Home cook with a passion for cooking outdoors, entertaing friends & family, learning new things and sharing what I know.

Meals can create some of the best memories!

Life is meant for good food, good friends & great adventures!

My passion for cooking started as I left home and went out on my own… having to cook while in University meant needing to learn a few new things – but truthfully it was basic bachelor food. 

It was not until I got my first job and apartment that I started to really learn.  Watching TV cooking shows became my source of learning. 

Canadian TV personality Stephen Yan & Wok with Yan taught me to experiment with Asian cuisine and have fun.  I would visit the local city market where I could source everything I needed and my Asian grocer would give me tips on how she prepared dishes I was trying to make.  BAM was next! Emeril Legasse helped me expand my cooking repertoire even more – cooking with spice, flavour and fats.  Southern food and comfort food are still my go to feel good meals.  Beyond that, the other TV chef who truly shaped what I do is Chef Michael Smith.  Watching his show – Chef at Home reinforced that a recipe was merely words on a page and that you can adapt pretty much anything (except baking) to suit you or your guest’s palate.   

In addition, having the opportunity a few years ago to visit the Inn at Bay Fortune and watch Chef Michael’s Fire Brigade do all their meal service cooking over open flames really reinforced my already strong love of cooking outdoors.

Hope you enjoy the recipes I share here! Follow me on Instagram – if you ever want to make what you see shoot me a note and I will share how it was done!



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